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All tours are devoid of specific difficulties. Only the “Memory of Man” and “Tassili Frescoes” tours involve a few ascents requiring some effort (700-900m / 2300-3000 ft altitude difference), but with no technical difficulties.

En plein désert du Tassili

Equipment to bring

  • Non-rigid travelling bag, so as to not hurt the pack animals.
  • Hooded sleeping bag (sarcophagus-type, 0°-15°C / -30 to 0°F depending on altitude and season).
  • Survival blanket.
  • Preferably a head-lamp or at least a torchlight, or both, with spare batteries and bulbs.
  • Warm clothes for the cool evenings and nights, including a woollen bonnet.
  • Light and ample clothes for the day, wind-breaker, head covering, sunglasses, camel-back or at least flask and beaker.
  • Trial or trekking shoes and socks, socks for rest and hot socks for the evening.
  • Headscarf in case of wind and sand.
  • Matchbox to burn toilet paper, sanitary towels.
  • Sewing kit.
  • Plastic bags to protect clothes and cameras against the sand.
  • Pharmaceutical kit for possible water purification, foot and stomach treatment...
  • Small backpack for personal items during the day and sometimes picnic.

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Matériel à emporter

Equipment supplied

  • A foam mattress is supplied for camping on the sand in the wadis or dunes.
  • Complete cooking and eating utensils.
  • Igloo-tent if desired.
  • The tent in package of 10 € for one to four weeks.

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Cérémonie du thé en plein désert


  • No specific vaccines.
  • lane luggage: 15kg /  33 lbs in the hold and 6-7kg / 13-15 lbs hand luggage (check with your air company).
  • Valid passport, tourist visa request at the Algerian Consulate by presenting the Agency’s certificate (allow a few more days in case of air transportation problems)..

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