“Sahara of Dreams” tour


4-wheel drive, luggage carried on camels
Duration: 8 days
Difficulty: Easy
Reference: P8

TrekkingPortage des bagages par chameaux4x4


Day 01: Arrival in Djanet; welcome by the team of Tuareg driver and guide and immediate departure  by 4-wheel drive towards Tadrart; visit of the rock painting site. Camp at the southern tip of the Tassili Massif next to Tanaote Wadi.
Day 02: Entry into the Itdjaran Canyon; discovery of the rock paintings and varied landscapes. Camp in the Pink Dunes of Inzaouaten (the most beautiful dunes of the Tadrart).
Day 03: Towards Intehak; crossing of a dune area; visit of the Arches, of rocks with very peculiar forms dating from the neolithic, of rock paintings and engravings; lunch at the Cathedral. In the evening, camp at Oun-Aghamoud (the most beautiful place to admire sunsets).
Day 04: Return to Djanet; lunch at the foot of the Tassili plateau; arrival at Djanet in the afternoon; visit of the palm grove and shopping (shops and local crafts). In the evening, transfer to the camping site at the foot of Aharadj, rendezvous point with the team of camel drivers and their animals (end of the 4-wheel drive expedition).
Day 05: Departure of the camel trek with the Tuareg team (guide and driver); lunch at the Callumbo Stone Forest; camp at Ahamelik.
Day 06: Towards Inaliko through the dunes, the great Tassili Canyons. Camp at Tiharamiouen, sunset in the Erg Admer.
Day 07: Crossing of the Timghas Stone Forest; discovery of the rock paintings and the sand dunes; at noon rendezvous in Taghen with the 4-wheel-drive; in the afternoon crossing of the Erg Admer dunes. Camp at Tigharghart next to the “Weeping Cow.”
Day 08: Transfer by car to the airport for departure.

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