“Memory of Man” Tour  

Trekking, luggage carried on camels.
Duration: 14 days
Difficulty: Easy
Reference: P1

Trekkingportage des bagages par chameaux


Day 01: Welcome at Djanet airport by the team of Tuareg drivers and guides; transfer to the camping site to spend the night.
Day 02: Departure with the camels through the Beybey Canyons; lunch at Taghrimt-Intinassagh after a 3 hours’ walk; camp at Tintbouraghen after 2 hours walking in the Tassili massif.
Day 03: ascent to Agba Assakaou; lunch and camp at Intadjedite; visit of the rock paintings of Tichakalaouen.
Day 04: Lunch at the same place and visit of the rock paintings of Tissoukaye; camp at Ouan-Tayssan.
Day 05: Visit of the rock paintings of Inakatafaet-Tintekelte; crossing of the magnificent Tassili spaces; lunch at Tinrassou, visit of the rock paintings and camp at Tin-Tatayte.
Day 06: Visit of the rock paintings of Inadarbaouan; lunch at Tinabateka, visit of the paintings in the afternoon and camp there.
Day 07: Visit of the rock paintings of Tintazareft and Tintaferyaste; lunch at Sefar; grand visit of the Tassili paintings; camp there.
Day 08: Departure from Sefar in the afternoon, visit of the rock paintings of Tin-Tafinagh; camp at Adjadjoum Wadi.
Day 09: Visit of the rock paintings of Timmesseoues and Allagh-Ndimint; lunch and camp at Tin-kani.
Day 10: Visit of the rock paintings of Timanzouzen, the engravings of Tamrit, the Cypress Valley and the great canyons of Tamrit. Lunch and camp at Tanzoumaitak.
Day 11: Crossing of the canyons and widely varied landscapes; lunch at Ikarfafadaouan and camp at Tinamlalen.
Day 12: Day without camels; picnic at noon; then visit of the gueltas and canyons. Rendezvous with the camels at the Talaguite Wadi; camp.
Day 13: Crossing of the Talaguite Wadi (about 4 hours’ walk), then rendez-vous with the 4-wheel drives for transfer to the Agency’s residence; lunch, shower. In the afternoon: short stop in the town of Djanet, discovery of local crafts and the market; visit of the Tassili N’Ajjer National Park Museum, then transfer to the Admer erg to set camp next to the “Weeping Cow” engraving.

Day 14: Transfer to the airport for departure.

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