Wedding ceremony according to Tuareg Tradition


Wedding ceremony feast according to the Tuareg tradition
Trekking, luggage carried on camels
Duration: 8 days
Difficulty: none
Reference: P19

TrekkingPortage des bagages par chameaux4x4


Day 01: Arrival at Djanet airport; welcome by the team of Tuareg driver and guide. Transfer to the Agency’s residence to spend the night.
Day 02: In the morning, transfer to the rendezvous point with the camel driver; departure with the camels; lunch at the Tissalaten Rock. Camp in the Tamlilt dunes.
Day 03: Crossing of canyons and varied landscapes; lunch at Tinmoussa. Camp at Tabarakat.
Day 04: Crossing of the Aoudejem plateau; lunch in the Ouan-Iskiouan gorges. Camp on the spot after visiting the canyons and dunes.
Day 05: Crossing of the Aitelouatan Canyons; lunch in the Tamassak dunes. Camp in the Tassoutarat Stone Forest.
Day 06: Towards Inaramas; visit of varied landscapes; lunch at Tikat-Intanouré. Camp at Callumbo.
Day 07: Crossing of the Callumbo Stone Forest; arrival in Djanet at noon; lunch, shower, transfer in the afternoon to the site of the wedding feast; preparations for the ceremony; traditional dinner then evening with songs by Tuareg women; then the bride is led to the Wedding Tent (Ehen) by the women during the Taré; groom’s walk accompanied by men to the Wedding Tent while singing the Elbachir.
Day 08: Transfer in the morning by 4-wheel drive; visit of the Erg Admer dunes and the “Weeping Cow” engraving; visit of the town of Djanet and its crafts shops, then return to the wedding feast site for lunch; in the afternoon, Ilougan feast (camel parade) and Alewans sung by the Tuareg women; then folkloric evening with barbecued roast sheep. Transfer to the airport for the return flight.

Cérémonie nuptiale touareg

Danses touaregs


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